All about Home tuition agency

A home tuition agency is an online platform that provides parents of young children the opportunity to teach their children at home for a nominal fee. The curriculum and materials are taught by tutors, who have graduated from an accredited university. The agency has been designed especially for busy working families who may not be able to spend time with their children during the day due to work or other commitments. Home tuition is ideal for families living in rural communities or healthcare professionals looking to start and continue a career as a teacher without having further education. The agency also provides a platform for students who do not wish to attend a formal school environment.

The services offered include:

Home Tuition Agency- How it works

All tutors are certified and accredited by the National Teachers Organization following a rigorous interview process. They are prepared for all types of learners, even those with special needs or gifted children. They also have experience in all major subject areas. The home tuition agency is currently accepting new teachers on a limited basis.

Top ways to get a Home Tuition Agency:

  1. Search and apply for the opportunity:

Applying directly to tutors is not possible. Students and parents must first search and apply, showing their capabilities in a short video that they can perfect at home. The application process takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks after which the candidates are interviewed by tutors and vetted by a committee that will decide on a successful candidate.

  1. Home Tuition Agency- List of Tutors/Dates/Times:

Every tutor has different availability; however, most of them are available for an interview twice a month. Each interview lasts about 1 hour during which the parent and tutor discuss the child’s capabilities and interests, before asking questions regarding academic subjects for the child to answer themselves.

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  1. Home Tuition Agency- How to prepare for an interview:

The parent and their child must be well prepared for the interview. The child must be able to explain what subjects he/she is good at, as well as any special interests he/she may have. It is also helpful if the family can create a list of names of animals, plants, etc. So when the tutor asks the child questions about them they can respond with not just a correct answer but also an explanation if one has been asked.

  1. Home Tuition Agency- Dedicated support:

The Home Tuition Agency has various communication channels to ensure that the parent and tutor can communicate easily, including our contact form, live chat, and phone. The contact form is very much needed after the interview as it allows the parent to request the tutor they feel would best suit their child.


Thus, the Home Tuition Agency is a unique platform that brings children and parents together to provide the best possible education to their children. The Tutor ensures that children learn through their immersion into their art, sport, and music, while the Parent can spend time with them learning these, or reading together. Valued at $200 per month, the Home Tuition Agency is an efficient way of giving children an environment they can be proud of while they learn.