Whitening Treatment

Learn how the Miroko Whitening Treatment of Shakura works

The constant air-conditioning and humid climate in Singapore isn’t great for the skin of people. It’s one of the reasons why a lot of people in Singapore are experiencing dull-looking complexion that lacks a natural luster. Also, being exposed to stronger UV rays from the powerful sunshine may lead to more pigmentation issues at an early stage of life. For those who are searching for ways to restore their glowy skin, you can check the latest Pigmentation Facial Therapy by Shakura. As it aims to address all the concerns of Singaporean women that lessen pigmentation on the skin, this facial aids clients in achieving brighter and clearer skin within a 90-minute session. You can also read some of the shakura review to see inevitable results and how this treatment helps their skin.

Milk is the secret of this treatment, it is known that the unused milk from the dairy farm became a huge part of the lady’s everyday beauty regimen. This is used in cleansers and nourishing baths which contributes to their undying beauty.

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Check out some of the areas that improve using this facial treatment


  • Translucency- it refreshes the skin
  • Clarity- enhances the clarity of your skin and also lessens spots
  • Fairness- brightens the tone of your skin
  • Moisture- hydrates your skin which makes it look more glowy, supple, and dewy
  • Radiance- boost the natural glow of your skin

When it comes to whitening and anti-pigmentation treatments, some people have concerns about the reliability and safety of the options available. There is a treatment that needs to apply some chemicals that may harm the skin, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Miroko Whitening Treatment is preferred by a lot of people because of its process and natural treatment.


How does the Miroko Treatment work?


            Each treatment session starts with a thorough skin analysis, to comprehend better your skin concerns and your pigmentation to achieve the best result. The process includes the application of breakthrough technology to determine your skin type and also the root causes. They will personalize every treatment based on the customer’s skin, whether it is dull, acne skin, or pigmentation. You’ll see visible results after 90 minutes, they are using their Shakura Active Formula which contains Roselle Extract and Milk Essence. It has also Amino Acids and Vitamin C that will break down pigmentation effectively, it will smooth out any uneven type of skin tone, and also restore the texture of your skin.