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Wagyu” Japanese Beef – Get the Quality Meat Now

Deliciousness of Japanese beef includes following factors: flavor and taste that spread in your mouth, and smooth texture. The amino acids like glutamic acid in meat, and broth that has inosine acid causes you sense savoriness, and oleic acid that is an important component for flavor is much present in japanese a5 wagyu. Thus, “black beef” is very different from all other breeds of cattle, and has the special deliciousness and taste of its own.

Where & How are Wagyu Cattle Raised?

Japanese beef are cows that are raised in Miyazaki Prefecture located in Japan. They are 100% purebred Wagyu breed, Kuroge Washu are biggest of four Wagyu breeds that are raised here.

japanese wagyu

The ranchers approach their cattle raising it differently. Each rancher actually specializes in this breed and will raise just 4 cattle at one time. This makes sure they will care for animals and give individual focus to every cow’s requirements. Under the watchful eye, cattle get the best care and treatment to provide the quality meat.

Japanese Wagyu cows are generally raised on the wholesome diet of wheat, corn, and barley for over 600 days. That is 8 times longer than other cattle in the market. Offering the cows with the rich nutrients for extended time actually helps to develop best quality meat.

Grade Factor

Japanese Wagyu is generally graded on two primary factors: number of meat yielded and quality of marbled fat. Just A3 – A5 wagyu gets certified for sale and if grade is higher, then price will be higher too.