How to Perform Simple Sliding Door Repairs

How to Perform Simple Sliding Door Repairs

Your slide glass door is a large view onto the outside world. It may even be the largest window in your house, as well as an access door. With all of that open and closing, your slider glass door takes a beating. It’s no surprise that your door may become difficult to glide or close. In extreme circumstances, it may cease sliding entirely. The great news is that sliding glass door repair requires just basic equipment and a limited number of materials. Because the door must be removed, you will simply require the assistance of another person.

Take off the roller wheels

Gently pull off the roller rollers from bottom of the glass sliding door. Using your hand or a screwdriver. Because dirt and debris might make cleaning more difficult, take your time and work gently. Try to hire service for sliding glass door repair as well.

sliding glass door repair

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Check that the wheels are in the highest position possible within the door. Place the glass sliding door on the track by lifting it up. Raise the door while your spouse keeps it firmly by rotating the roller screws counter clockwise. Change the header. Check for smooth movement of the door.

With the door closed, clean the track

When the door does not move freely, it is often possible to solve the problem by clearing the track while the door is still in place. Vacuum the track well, then wipe it off with a moist towel and vacuum up any residual water. Clean the full length of the track by doing these both with the door open and closed. If this doesn’t help, you will have to remove the door.