Demountable Walls

Trendy Wall On Your Workplace

The movable walls are modern design architectural products. This wall is constructed to enclose the environment. They can be removed and transferred in any area and detached from the floor and ceiling tracks.

The Collaborative Office Interiors Showroom has demountable walls that are movable and repositioned in any layout you like. These partition walls can allow you to optimize your office room and make an aesthetic design. The demountable walls offer an adjustable solution for all companies that can change the workforce and office space. They can be detached from the ceiling and floor tracks so you can be moved to another location.

What are the features of these movable walls?

In Collaborative Office Interiors Showroom, there movable walls are an affordable alternative for traditional interior wall construction. This wall can give divisional privacy in the working area or office. The features are flexible; you can transfer to another area for the noise mitigation properties.

What are the benefits of installing movable walls?

Here are some benefits on using a movable wall, such as the following:

The movable wall systems are convenient; you can reinstall them in new locations anywhere. These wall systems are affordable and the required simple tools are not costly.

Lessen the cost of its architectural wall than dry walls and this is a long-term that can be reused indefinitely.

The movable walls have design options to have an unlimited time you can transfer to another area. You can customize it depending on its height, widths, and creating an architectural design on the glass.

The transparency of the glass architectural walls can allow you a natural light to interpenetrate your space.

Noise-reducing and giving your employees a peace and silent environment to get things done.

What are the two types of the movable walls?

The movable walls have two brands of movable wall systems that are available to put in your office such as:

Teilen Wall Systems

The Teilin wall systems are customized, affordable, and portable. The Teilin wall system is a durable component for well-ordered installation. It has the same old design; the Teilin walls system is elegant and functional in workspaces in a new way.

The Trend Walls

These trend walls are a very simple design for your interior office and building. The simplicity of these traditional constructions may create an ideal office environment. It is high-functional framed by an architectural wall and this is the best option for vinyl and HPL doors.